AIRPHOTOPAINTING - Cordula Christina Burkart

Each work is unique, hand-signed and accompanied by personal letter. The bespoke personal letter includes; perhaps a stone, taken from a place I photographed, the text of a song, which inspired a trilogie, or my thoughts in verse, formed during a flight.

The photos are professionally printed on linen and mounted on stabile stretchers in my BurkArtfotoatelier by the artist.

The creative work, the trilogie is a series of three picture-panels, each 180cm high X 30cm wide.
These are mounted with a gap of 11cm between each panel.
Overall place requirement, 110cm X 210cm.

Big One Consists of a single work.
Size 1L 37 X B 23 cm
Size 2L 70 X B 50 cm
Size 3L 150 X B 100 cm
Size 4L 210 X B 140 cm

New work is constantly being created. Visit me in my studio or ask for the portfolio on CD.
Photgraphed Airphotopainting and painted works can be viewed on appointment.